Power and heat management

  Power management and heat dissipation.

More power means more heat is at play.

Nevertheless, managing excess heat does not only concern power devices.
Typical high-power applications include power amplifiers, DC power suppliers, inverters, power supply control systems and RF and microwave applications.

Other typical applications requiring heat management are common in the automotive industry, high-speed data transmission, and lighting solutions.

For PCBs used in high-power applications, thick copper constructions can be used, also commonly referred to as heavy copper or thick copper, or constructions that envisage the use of bus bars.
We manufacture PCBs with basic copper up to 400 microns and use bus bars solutions up to 500 microns in thickness as a rule.

Different technologies are used for these applications, and more generally for those where excess heat needs to be dissipated to ensure the durability of the PCB, of the electronic components mounted on it and of the finished product in which the PCB is used. These include:

  1. application of heat sinks or heat dissipators in Aluminium or Copper;
  2. inclusion of copper coins or copper inlays in the body of the PCB;
  3. use of via-in-pad solutions that conduct and evacuate heat through vias, suitably filled with conductive resin, formed under the soldering pads of the electronic components and much more.

Our experience applies across all industries, which is why we understand the heat management problem and recommend the most appropriate solution for your PCB.

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