Printed circuit board manufacturers backed by 40 years of experience

PCB Typology

Techci Rhône-Alpes SA has been making printed circuit boards since 1983.

Across 40 years of business, the company has succeeded in becoming the technological partner of some of the leading manufacturers of technology for the Civil Avionics and Defense industries, as well as the Railway sector.

Today, we provide expertise, know-how and quality manufacturing processes, which have been developed to serve these demanding industries and accommodate the needs of consumers in every market sector.

We are in a position to produce printed circuit boards with any technology, from double-sided printed circuit boards to HDI, rigid and flex-rigid PCSs, with a sequential build-up process.

Our manufacturing processes are NADCAP certified, so you can rely on us for your high-quality printed circuit board requirements.



The cost-effective solution for the majority of applications.


More layers mean more functions: multi-layer PCBs are the most commonly used type of printed circuit board.

HDI / Multiséquences

Those with the best performance-space ratio.

Flexible and Flex-Rigid 

The best solution to multiple application issues.

High Power-Heavy Copper

Understanding the high-power electronics market to live in the future for the rest of our lives.

Radio frequency (RF) and Microwave

High frequencies require high precision, experience with materials and capable processes.

Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS)

IMS printed circuit boards are one of the most effective solutions for heat dissipation.


Every electronic device manufacturer has "special" application products in their portfolio.