Design support

Design support.

Each PCB is unique, but it is often possible to overcome specific challenges by referring to solutions that we have already adopted for other applications.

Our understanding of your needs combined with our expertise as a PCB manufacturer allows us to maximise the PCB’s performance and streamline its manufacturing process to get the best product at the most competitive conditions.

We can assist you in your design to ensure your PCB is reliable and delivers the best performance at the lowest possible cost for your specific application and also to ensure that no defects are generated during subsequent assembly and to facilitate electrical testing of the assembled PCB.

The Gerber files are verified through the use of dedicated software to clarify whether the PCB design meets IPC standards and, when the PCB has controlled-impedance traces, our engineers calculate impedances to suggest any changes to the stack-up and materials used.

There is no greater satisfaction than working with our partner to produce together the best printed circuit board for each specific application.

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