Electronic devices are becoming increasingly important in all spheres of life


Electronics has made it possible to offer human beings experiences that were simply unheard of just a few years back.

Emblematic examples of this are smartphones and smartwatches, devices which we seem to be entirely incapable of doing without. There are dozens of electronic devices which we use every day directly or indirectly.

Over 40 years of business, Techci has developed printed circuits boards for some of the most critical market sectors,for civil avionics and the Defense sector in particular.

This experience, combined with state-of-the-art technological resources, allows us today to manufacture all types of PCBs, for every market sector and all applications.


Vias technologies

In printed circuit boards, the vias enable connections between different layers.

Power and heat management

Temperature management is essential to preserve the finished product .

Controlled Impedance

Tools, expertise and capabilities to make controlled-impedance printed circuit boards.


There is always an appropriate surface finish for your PCB.

Peelable solder mask and EMI shielding

Surface insulation of PCBs: the solder mask.