Manufacture requires increasingly specialized, flexible and powerful meansManufacture requires increasingly specialized, flexible and powerful means

From traditional circuits boards to more sophisticated multilayer, for nearly 25 years, Techci Teams are mobilized for a perfect control of this essential component for any electronic system.
Techci strategy is based on the research of excellence to accurately answer market needs.This step is characterized by commitments which guarantee the quality and the performance of the delivered products.The two main vectors of the Techci industrial performance are the technological innovation associated with the permanent research for competitiveness.

Products Technology

  • Doble side through holes
  • Multilayers 3 up 22 layers (and+)
  • Flexible and flex rigid
  • Blinded and buried vias
  • Laser Microvias Technology
  • Technology Opposit vias
  • Via Plug
  • Controlled impedance
  • Board ultra high frequency
  • Board with thermal sink
  • Press Fit
  • Back pannel (6mm)
  • Layer Tracks/Space mini 80 µm
  • Mechanical Drill 0.2 mm minimal
  • Laser drill 100 µm


  • Control, X-ray, AOI, Flying probes test
  • Impedance control POLAR
  • Fluorescent X – Ohmegameter
  • Microsection / Thermal shock
  • Ageing
  • Automatic insolation system
  • Fine line etching
  • Laser drilling UV-CO2
  • Ultraspeed mechanical drilling
  • Metallization horizontal COMPACT CP
  • Power pulse reverse

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