Manufacture requires increasingly specialized, flexible and powerful meansManufacture requires increasingly specialized, flexible and powerful means

In order to be efficient in the face of an evolving and demanding of market and in order to confirm its position of leader by taking up the challenge of competitiveness, Techci has opened a purchase office in Shenzhen. This stategy allow a permanent contact with its partners’ network to jointly apply its team’s know how.


The policy is in keeping with the continuity of TECHCI is commitmentto come with its customers in the management of their large projects.the success of the missions result from the control of the supply chain,from the raw material supplier, to the sophisticated manufacture of the circuits boards to the final customer.

Techci ensure the operational performance on :

  • Rigorous selection and qualification of the manufacture sites
  • Technical file validation
  • Prototypes and first productions validation
  • Follow-up and control of the mass production
  • Supply Chain
Supplier quality Insurance


Product Quality Plan

Progress Plan

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