Sustainable development is the new major strategic challenge for companiesSustainable development is the new major strategic challenge for companies

We have become aware that viable economy activity does not exclude social equity or a respect for a respect for the environment.

Because of our geographical situation in the heart of a region that is strongly attached to preserving its natural setting we are very
sensitive to these environmental aspects, and they are essentially part of our obligations.

The Techci Rhône-Alpes Company does not yet have a system of Environmental Management of an ISO 14 001 type, but we respect the
Fundamental principles.

Because of the ROHS-CEE 2002/95/ regulations, we have strengthened our commitment by limiting or even eliminating the use of dangerous
Substances in our manufacturing processes, such as lead or the use of material freely based on substances such as PBDE or the PBB.

Regarding company responsibility, we are committed on a daily bases in our company to enhancing the status of our workforce and respecting fundamental individual rights.

This is the way of combining the interests of the company with the interests that concern everyone.

We are associated to the European plan :

Life Environnement
- GEAMCOS, EADS group initiative

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