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Finmasi Group joins the Enzo Ferrari Fondazione Casa Natale.

Finmasi Group announces with great pleasure, its adhesion to the "Fondazione Casa Natale Enzo Ferrari" (“Enzo Ferrari Birthplace Foundation”), that on March the 10th 2012, inaugurated the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari museum.

The foundation was created in order to enhance, promote and protect the image, the history and work of Enzo Ferrari and the whole motor sport in Modena, recovering documents and testimonies.

Our Group, in the role of adherent, is among the supporters of this initiative.

Is an expressed desire of Finmasi Group and His President, Marcello Masi, to actively support this initiative by contributing to the enhancement of a piece of history of which the Modena area can proudly boast.

Finmasi Group is an international organization that was founded in 1961 in the steel industry and expanded into the field of electronics, proud of its historical roots and rooted in its territory of origin. Modena is the city where some of the leading companies of the Group are placed and where Marcello Masi started his business.

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